Inside modern workspaces

edition 1:100 book series

Edition 1:100 is our design scale at which we show ideas and concepts of projects. We are looking for and present in this format architects with special approaches and reactions. We create an informative framework for the idea, the concept up to the presentation of a work. The series is a collection of articles and photos on selected topics. The inspiration for the new or different is the focus of Edition 1:100.

Within the world of work, the bureau incorporates a strong position. It is one of the most present work spaces in today’s working world that is characterized by digital communication processes and optimized processes. Being an archetypical spot of cooperation and concentration, its design and organization are vital for the efficiency of those working in it.
Many companies nowadays do a great deal to offer their employees more than just a place to work. Within the context of today’s modern working environment, this approach is central to both employees and superiors.
Bureaus and the buildings, in which they are located, should ideally create identity and offer a high quality of stay. Besides, they should be able to retain customers and employees in the company for the long-term. In this connection, the focus should be on a work spaces “soft factors“, which are determined by room arrangement, coloring and material selection. These factors aim to create an atmosphere, that affects not just productivity, but also physical and psychological well-being of those spending a lot of their time at work. In addition to a purely architectural room arrangement, interior design plays a major role in the wide range of contemporary design. In this way, modern office concepts are raised to become an equally varied as well as professionally fascinating element of examination.


Inside modern workspaces
Edited by Natalia Heiß
Hardcover, 287 x 220 mm
256 pages
ISBN 978-3-946154-10-5
Published 15.03.2017
49,95 € (incl. VAT)


This volume takes up some current examples for challenging planning tasks and their remarkable solutions. In juxtaposition of various tasks, a snapshot of the wide spectrum of office-related architecture will be provided. Thus, successful and innovative managements testify what forms of office would actually fit best for which company. Likewise, it will be shown how several forms of office may be adapted to given location factors and how they may be implemented in a creative way. 

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